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Timeline Guidelines

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Published by:
Robert Hess
on 7 Jan 2009
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Timeline Guidelines

Wiki pages can often become an ugly mess, since they are pretty much a "free for all" of people adding and deleting information. I suspect that the form and format of these "timeline" pages will evolve over time, but to start out with my intent for how I'd like them to be formatted is as follows:

  1. Pages should capture, and be named for, specific decades. (ie. "1800 to 1810")
  2. Each page should start out with a general paragraph which describes the decade in question, and what historically it accomplished in regards to the cocktail. You can also add general historical details to help people understand the overall atmosphere of the time.
  3. A specific year, or if that isn't known or appropriate, a general range of time, should headline each entry or set of entries, and it should be set in bold.
  4. Entries should be intended within the headline year or time range.
  5. At the end of each "page", should be a list of "Popular Drinks", which lists the drinks which were popular during this time.
  6. When possible, information sources should be cited.

There will of course be other types of information that will be discovered as appropriate to add to these pages as well, feel free to do so as you see fit, but try to carefully think about the best way to format it into the existing page.


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