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The best recipe ever for "Hot Buttered Rum"

The best recipe ever for "Hot Buttered Rum"

Well, from the definition put forth herein this drink is technically not really a cocktail at all, but one of those "other" sorts of drinks.  Nevertheless, what with winter coming on and all, it is one recipe that I really wanted to share with youse.   Because it is a HUGE favorite of mine.  

Read the right books and you might find a recipe you'll cherish all your days... I got the best recipe ever for tuna salad from Ernest Hemingway, but that perhaps, would be something more apropos for another forum.  In the novel "Northwest Passage" author Kenneth Roberts put forward the best recipe for "Hot Buttered Rum" ever concocted.  

First, one must use real rum, original rum, navy rum, and none of the nonsense that passes for rum in the commercial market today.  I recommend Lemon Hart (the only rum I drink given a choice, and yes, it is available again after a short regrettable absence from the market.)  Lemon Hart is the original brand of rum doled out by the noggin daily to sailors in the British Navy.  It is a firewater par excellence, rich sweet, thickish, brown sugary, and 151 proof of course.  I wouldn't recommend drinking it strait in shots or even in sips unless you prepare psychologically.  You might even want to meditate on it a bit... in advance.  Things could get ugly if you choke or sneeze in mid-slam.  

But do I recommend mixing it?  Oh yes...

In fact, for this recipe 151 proof rum is de rigueur.  Otherwise the swallows wouldn't be STRONG ENOUGH bundled up outdoors on a cold winter's night, preferably by a fire, which is the best atmosphere in which to enjoy this beverage. But the "other brands" just don't have enough flavor to provide the right effect... trust me... I've tried them and been very disappointed.  

Heat real unfiltered raw apple cider to a piping hot temperature.  Add real maple syrup to taste (the original recipe called for lumps of maple sugar),  Add copious quantities of Lemon Hart to taste, but I like to bring up the overall proof of the beverage to about 25-35.  Figure about 1/4 or 1/3 part Lemon Hart to 3/4 or 2/3 parts hot cider.  Add a pat of unsalted butter.  Or a few spritzes of what comes out of those little pump bottles if you're watching your cholesterol.

Drink with great gusto... I FEELS SO GOOD going down!  And so good when it hits you when you're out in the cold.  But don't be lying down in the snow or anything unless you have someone to look after you.  I did (had someone to watch over me), but that is another story. 


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