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The 1700's

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Robert Hess
on 14 Oct 2011
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The 1700's

The 1700's provide some formative preparations for the birth of the cocktail, some evidence has even come to light that the cocktail sees it's birth during the very end of the 1700's


On 16 March 1798, the Morning Post and Gazetter reported that a pub owner won a lottery and erased all his customers' debts:

A publican, in Downing-street, who had a share of the 20,000 l. prize, rubbed out all his scores, in a transport of joy: This was an humble imitation of his neighbour, who, when he drew the highest prize in the State Lottery, not only rubbed out, but actually broke scores with his old customers, and entirely forgot them.

The next week, on 20 March 1798, the Morning Post and Gazetter satirically listed details of the 17 politicians' pub debts, including the following:

Mr. Pitt,
two petit vers of "L'huile de Venus" 010
Ditto, one of "perfeit amour" 007
Ditto, "cock-tail" (vulgarly called ginger) 003/4


  • "Spiritous Journey: A History of Drink - Book Two" by Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown (2010)
    first use of the term cocktail in 1798


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