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2010 to 2020

2010 to 2020

In the previous decade we saw the great resurgence of the cocktail, in this decade it was given a name. "Craft Cocktail", made by "Craft Bartenders" at "Craft Bars". With this label also came the ability to communicate the notions better and thus open the floodgates so that soon any bar that wanted to be anything was trying to be a "Craft" bar.


The "Estately Blog" apparently used Google Analytics to identify "What’s The Most Popular Cocktail In Each State?" ( Here is the ranked list of states based on "Cocktail Enthusiasm" along with what their apparently favorite cocktail is:

1. Massachusetts: Martini
2. New York: Manhattan
3. Washington: Old Fashioned
4. California: Sidecar
5. Illinois: Martini
6. Colorado: Pisco Sour
7. District of Columbia: Sidecar, Gimlet, Martini
8. Louisiana: Sazerac
9. New Hampshire: Cosmopolitan
10. Wisconsin: Bloody Mary
11. Rhode Island: Martini
12. Nevada: Tom Collins
13. Connecticut: Cosmopolitans
14. Pennsylvania: Martini
15. Minnesota: Tom Collins
16. Maine: Cosmopolitan
17. Maryland: Martini
18. New Jersey: Martini
19. Oregon: Sidear
20. Texas: Margarita
21. North Carolina: White Russian
22. Georgia: Tom Collins
23. Vermont: Cosmopolitan
24. Florida: Mojito
25. South Carolina: Mint Julep
26. Arizona: Tequila Sunrise
27. Hawaii: Mai Tai
28. Montana: White Russian
29. Ohio: Long Island Ice Tea
30. Tennessee: White Russian
31. Kentucky: Mint Julep
32. Virginia: Pisco Sour
33. Mississippi: Sex on the Beach
34. Missouri: Long Island Ice Tea
35. Michigan: Sex on the Beach
36. Delaware: Cosmopolitans
37. Kansas: White Russian
38. Oklahoma: Tom Collins
39. Alabama: Mint Julip
40. Alaska: White Russian
41. Indiana: White Russian
42. Nebraska: Tom Collins
43. Iowa: Sex on the Beach
44. New Mexico: White Russian
45. Arkansas: Tom Collins
46. Idaho: White Russian
47. Utah: White Russian
48. Wyoming: Bloody Mary
49. West Virginia: White Russian
50. North Dakota: Long Island Ice Tea
51. South Dakota: Sex on the Beach

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