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1930 to 1940

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1930 to 1940

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Prohibition in the United States was repealed on December 5th in 1933.


Don Beach (born Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt) opens a bar called "Don's Beachcomber" in Hollywood California on McCadden Place.

Victor Bergeron opens up "Hinky Dinks" in Oakland California.

The December issue of Esquire Magazine lists the 10 most popular cocktails as:

  1. Old-Fashioned
  2. Dry Martini
  3. Ward Eight
  4. Vodka Cocktail [3 parts vodka, 1/2 part each of Italian and French vermouths]
  5. Vermouth Cassis
  6. Champagne Cocktail
  7. Planter's Punch
  8. Old-Fashioned Dutch [with gin, but not genever]
  9. Harvest Moon [applejack sour w/orgeat]
  10. Daiquiri


Victor Bergeron's "Hinky Dinks" becomes "Trader Vic's", and Victor takes on the nickname "The Trader".


Don Beach opens up his first "Don the Beachcomber" restaurant, across the street from his bar "Don's Beachcomber".

Popular drinks during this time:

  • Martini Cocktail (dry or sweet)
  • Manhattan Cocktail (dry or sweet)
  • Bronx Cocktail (dry or sweet)
  • Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail (sweet)
  • Sidecar Cocktail (sweet)
  • Clover Club Cocktail (dry)
  • Gin Rickey (dry)
  • Gin Fizz (sweet or dry)
  • Alexander Cocktai No. 1 (sweet)
  • Rock and Rye (sweet)
  • Whiskey Cocktail (dry)
  • Sherry Cocktail (sweet or dry)
  • Dubonnet Cocktail (sweet)
  • Champagne Cocktail

(the above is from "Burke's Complete Cocktail and Tastybite Recipes" by Harman Burney Burke, published in 1936 my reprint is from 1941.)



  • Esquire cocktail list provided by David Wondrich. It was originally compiled by Frank Shay.
  • "Burke's Complete Cocktail and Tastybite Recipes" by Harman Burney Burke (1936...1941)

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