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1880 to 1890

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Robert Hess
on 8 Jan 2009
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1880 to 1890

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As reported by David Wondrich in "Imbibe!", the earliest (known) reference to "Old Fashioned" being used to refer to a cocktail, comes from the Chicago Tribune, where it was reported that the goal-oriented Democrats downed “Hot-whiskies, … sour mashes and old-fashioned cocktails" in honor of Samuel Tilden's withdrawl from the presidential race. It should be noted that the Pendennis Club in Louisville Kentucky wasn't founded until 1881, so this puts to rest the story that this drink was created there instead.


The Chicago Tribune asked a local bartender what sorts of drinks were currently in vogue, he replied: “The old-fashioned cocktails [are] still in vogue; cocktails made of loaf-sugar and whisky… Rye whiskey [is] called for more than Bourbon.”

Popular drinks during this time:

  • old fashioned whiskey cocktail


  • "Imbibe!", by David Wondrich

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