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A collection of recipes or procedures for making your own bitters, syrups, etc.
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OleQ's Brandied Cherries

(Formerly Frankie's Brandied Cherries) I can't find quality cherries here in MN, so logically the next...
Revision #4 Posted by Ole on 25 Aug 2009

Lu's Brandied Cherries

I first saw this recipe in a past issue of Imbibe Magazine. They work well in a Manhattan. 1 pound sweet cherries...
Revision #1 Posted by Tom Ufer on 21 Jun 2009

Roasted Almond Orgeat

Created by yours truly as an ingredient in a cocktail for a competition which I didn't even take part in. Roasted...
Revision #3 Posted by Evo-lution on 26 Feb 2009

Rum-med Cherries

Created by yours truly as the garnish for a drink for a Havana Club cocktail competition which I didn't even...
Revision #6 Posted by Evo-lution on 26 Feb 2009

Honey and Oat Syrup

This syrup works well with Bourbons but I find it is more at home with a good malt whisky without too much peat...
Revision #2 Posted by Robert Hess on 26 Feb 2009
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