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Pisco Sour ~ July 28, 1904

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Pisco Sour
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Pisco Sour ~ July 28, 1904


 Written by: Donna Morris

Victors Family in Wales England Crest.


1873- The 5 of August are born in Salt Lake City. Utah EE.UU.

1899- It works in the Floreria of his brother greater Burton C. Morris
1900- To the death of his older brother, it assumes the Management of the Floreria
1901- It prepares and it decorates the scene for an honor banquet, supervising the decoration with roses, carnations, violets, palms and electrical lights, that the guests describe as “an extraordinary painting as rare brightness”, in that opportunity it shows his liking by the bar, preparing and creating falsified drinks.
In August of that same year an important event is celebrated and they order the decoration to him of its native city Salt Lake City, and also the preparation of all the bar.

1902- Tens of mining experts of EE.UU. Emigran to Hill the mining Earth of Pasco 1903- Hill of Pasco Railwy Company contract to A.E.Welby, friend of Victor V. Morris.

1903- Earlier this year Victor Vaughen Morris sells florería in Salt Lake City 1903- The 8 of June Victor V. Morris embark in Californian port, course to Hill the mining Earth of Pasco, contracted by the Hill of Pasco Railway Company, that already constructed to the section of 82 miles of the railway line between the Basket and Hill of Pasco

1904- The 7 of Julio are finished to the rails of the train between the Basket and Hill of Pasco

1904- 28 of Julio agreeing with the anniversary of the independence of Peru, the ceremony of Inauguration is realised with much pomp, of the arrival of the first train that takes number 100 to the station of the Hill of Pasco.

Victor Vaughen Morris was the host of the ceremony participating in the organization and the decorations of the event, also directed the preparation of the drinks that I invite the contenders, was so great I number of guests whom lack of whiskey to continue are preparing the cocktails like the Sour Whiskey I replace, it with Peruvian Pisco, and its surprise was immense when verifying that the flavor of the new cocktail was insurmountable and from that moment but asked for by the concurrence to I finish of the event, being born therefore famous PISCO SOUR


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