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  • Bacardi Legacy in Russia

    I want to share a recipe cocktail BLCC 15 in Russia. In the audience, colleagues and gourmets, so to speak. All lovers of Martinez and Manhattan dedicated. Try it, would be nice if the guests were offered) Thanks) Cocktail entered the top ten drinks in Russia Bacardi Legacy Cocktaile Competition 2015...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology by alimirzoev on 8 Oct 2014
  • Pre-Embargo Cuban Rums Bacardi Cuba, San Nicholas Cuban rum, Havana Club old version

    here are some pre0embargo Cuban rums that are very rare.
    Posted to Spirits, Products, and Ingredients by radiopollack on 18 Oct 2012
  • Re: Strength of older Bacardi?

    I am not so sure, if Bacardi is really awful or if it is just a trend to hate Bacardi. Well I won't buy the Bacardi "Superior" for myself [nor would I buy Havana Club Añejo blanco - though I like Matusalem Platino or even better Elements 8 platinum]. I still have a bottle Facundo...
    Posted to The Golden Age by Dominik MJ on 24 Jul 2012
  • La Rumba

    Can any one enlighten me on the following - I have an unopened bottle of rum from Cuba, La Rumba. It is sealed with a cork and with a Cuban tax stamp dated 1954. The label on the back says Prado Store -Cigars, Liquors, Perfums, Cuban Novelties and Alligator Goods. Thanks, Jim K
    Posted to Spirits, Products, and Ingredients by jkeeports on 25 Apr 2012
  • Swedish Pun(s)ch

    Current version of Arrack or Swedish Punsch, based on a combination Jerry Thomas' Arrack Punch and his United Service Punch. Underhill Punsch 2 cups Appleton V/X Rum 1 cup Batavia Arrack 2 cup hot extra strong, spiced tea (4 tsp Chinese Black Tea, 6 crushed cardamom pods, brewed in 2 cup water.)...
    Posted to Home/Bar Made Products by Erik Ellestad on 10 Feb 2009
    Filed under: Batavia Arrack, Lemon, Rum
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