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  • Re: Bitter Truth shortage?

    So, since I have a large cup of Sumatra coffee in me I spent time connecting those dots... "Vision Wine and Spirits" is the new, exclusive US distributor for B&H/BT. Link is to their Press Release... which they really need to learn to date. Berg & Hauck has a website which seems to be fairly flakey - won't load, shopping is a dead
  • Re: Bitter Truth shortage?

    Keith, Thanks for that reply. I wondered about those labeling changes I was seeing on Amazon... I thought it might be some weird twist like "private bottling" we see in Scotch. However, you appear to be quite right with the naming change and reasons: Kegworks info about Berg & Hauck I suppose it'll be a treat that I have my sampler
  • Bitter Truth shortage?

    I had several Bitter Truth products in my shopping cart. Sadly, for the last few weeks their bitters and liqueurs have been steadily going out of stock. AstorWines is also wiped out. Anybody know if this is anything more than a usual supply/shortage that will pick up slack soon? I can't get DuNY or BT to reply. Feeling like something
  • Re: The Worst???

    Let me preface this with "at the moment" and cover myself by drawing attention to my actual plight here: However, to answer your question... The Negroni. I'm still struggling with Campari and trying to get past the high-school-locker-aroma of anything with more than just a splash of the
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by DanielDSM on 9 Feb 2014
  • Re: Hi from DC

    Sorry for my late reply - but yes - welcome! I welcome you out of lurking as I sit here with my Neo Old Fashioned. 2 oz. Bulleit 95, 1/4 oz. Cointreau, and a dash each of Angostura and Boker's bitters.
    Posted to Newcomer Introductions (Forum) by DanielDSM on 8 Feb 2014
  • Re: I'm starting some homemade bitters.

    I hadn't seen Jamie's post - thank you!
  • Re: I'm starting some homemade bitters.

    Thank you for all the replies. I've read here, in other threads, and tried to collect a broad range of ideas for processes I can use. It's a fun experiment! I've got a few bottles already filtered and maybe 8 more to go... they just haven't peaked in potency, yet. Maybe a few more weeks. Dried-remnants are being put together in a freezer
  • Re: I'm starting some homemade bitters.

    Thx - I'm more concerned with not ever being able to filter enough. I made some "Winter Scotch" and I swear, I went through hours and hours of slow-drop through half a dozen coffee filters and I still have sediment in the bottom of that bottle. However, I promise - I'll treat each drop as precious. :)
  • I'm starting some homemade bitters.

    I have some bottles going right now... each item in its own bottle of a few inches of 80% vodka. I've got a larger bottle soaking orange and lemon peels, too. Star Anise, Cardamon, Aniseed, Caraway, Cinnamon stick, Coriander, and Allspice. Everything is the whole corn, seed, or pod - no powdered stuff. My gameplan, subject to wiser direction, is
  • Re: Any idea why this happened? Mixing glass broke.

    Although this topic is several months old I'm happy to offer an update, especially since it was commented on recently. I contacted Cocktail Kingdom that same day - it was never an issue that I didn't know to contact them. They graciously offered a replacement immediately. It would seem, as per my research and complaints on Amazon about this
    Posted to Tools and Technology (Forum) by DanielDSM on 4 Jan 2014
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