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  • Re: Vermouth

    Martin Doudoroff: "I’m finding that both Cocchi Vermouth and Martelletti are so rich and flavorful that they take over some drinks if made with common proportions." If, as they claim, the Cocchi VdT, Martelletti, and Carpano Antica Vermouths are more similar to 18th, 19th or early 20th Century Italian Vermouth, aren't you going the
  • Re: The Alaska Cocktail. Confusing ratios and ambiguous ingredient

    To be honest, I've never been super fond of the Alaska, except as an after dinner drink. It's either too sweet or too dried out. Usually, if I am not making it to classic proportions I'll do 2 oz Beefeater Gin to 1/2 oz Yellow Chartreuse with 2 dashes orange bitters. But it still has to be very well stirred and very cold. David Embury suggests
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Erik Ellestad on 7 Apr 2011
  • Re: History of the Charlie Chaplain?

    I like the Millionaire (No. 1), which I usually make as equal parts Jamaican Rum, Sloe Gin, Apricot Liqueur, and Lime Juice. (There's supposed to be a "dash" of Grenadine, too, but it's kind of beside the point with all these powerful flavors. Smith & Cross Rum, by the way.) ~Erik E.
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Erik Ellestad on 31 Mar 2011
  • Re: Bartending equipment

    I like the Tamrac Express 7 Camera bag. I can fit 3 tin sets, 2 Yarai Mixing glasses, and the rest of my bartending tools. It is also compact enough I can carry it on the bus and is fairly light. Not as glam as a Meehan bag, but about a tenth of the cost. ~Erik E.
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Erik Ellestad on 23 Mar 2011
  • Re: Orgeat substitute?

    That sounds like a good way to quick sanitize bottles, Fred. I usually wash them, then put them in a low oven for a half hour or so. A trick I learned from a home brewer, who described the combination of heat and steam as a kind of "home autoclave". But the point I was making was more: adding a teaspoon of Wray and Nephew to your syrup isn't
  • Re: Orgeat substitute?

    The preservative qualities of a small amount of alcohol are generally greatly exaggerated. Unless you use the alcohol to get the syrup up to the percentages used for liqueurs (25-30), it has almost zero effect. I've had liqueurs and infusions based on natural flavorings spoil at 30% and higher. The single most important factor for preservation of
  • Re: What is your favorite brand of widely available Triple Sec?

    "but has the sugar component of Cointreau changed at all over the years? Perhaps someone with a vintage bottle might know the answer." Probably. Most liqueur manufacturers have moved towards dryer products. But the bigger changes probably have to do with the generosity with which we splash around citrus juice, the size and character of modern
  • Re: Gin Liqueur

    You know, since a lot of the origins for spirits or liqueurs were originally "therapeutic", I bet some sort of sweetened medicinal juniper liqueur did exist before it was converted to a flavored spirit and used for recreational purposes. What is juniper supposed to cure? I am probably putting the cart before the horse, by positing that this
  • Re: Gin Liqueur

    From reading some cocktail books, early versions of Cocktail Bill Boothby specifically, that there was a "Cordial" version of Old-Tom Gin. He advises not to add any additional sugar when making Martinez or Tom Collins with "Cordial" Old Tom. My guess is the Tom Collins was a popular enough drink that someone came up with the genius
  • Re: Fernet-Branca vs. Fernet Stock?

    I also really like The Savoy Stomach Reviver, though Stomach Reviver Cocktail 5 Dashes Angostura Bitters. 1/6 Fernet Branca. 2/3 Brandy. 2/3 Kummel. Shake (I'd Stir) well (kind of briefly, actually, after some experimentation) and strain into cocktail glass.
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