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The Merchant Hotel Bar Book Volume II.

The Merchant Hotel Bar Book Volume II.
posted by Robert Hess
28 Nov 2008

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When one things of Ireland, and drinking, the thought that usually comes first to mind, is a dark glass of Guiness while sitting in a comfortable and well-worn pub. If you ever visit Belfast however, you'll get a chance to see something excitingly different. There, near the heart of the city, is the Merchant Hotel. Where you'll find one of the finest hotel bars I've ever come across, and a dedicated staff which focuses on providing extremely well crafted cocktails.

Here is a copy of their cocktail menu, which just proves my point.

NOTE: To hopefully help with the problem we are having with running out of room in the database, I have removed this download from the database itself, and have simply put it on the server as a file. You can access it here:

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