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  • Re: Anyone else sick of this?

    It is morally very doubtful - but not necessarily only because of the target group - "around" the legal age. Main problem is - exactly these products [and many more] are just promoting irresponsible drinking and the abuse of alcohol! Even people who don't "like" the taste of alcohol...
  • Re: Food Coloring

    Daniel, for me Blue Curaçao is nothing else than an inferior product mixed with food coloring. Hell - I guess nobody believes, that it is made by "blue_flesh_oranges"... I think you have to make a decision for yourself of using artificial color or not. Sometimes you have to do compromises...
  • Re: The Ice Cube Tray

    To be honest - I am a big sucker for buying ice cubes in a supermarket or petrol station. One ice cube tray is anyway not enough for a lot of drinks... Well - I have some silicon molds in my freezer, which I can use for one singular old fashioned filling ice cube.
  • Re: Molecular mixology?

    I am 100% in consensus with Robert. It is all about understanding "mixology" [here the word mixology is in the right context] and improving drinks - rather than just differentiate them. There are only a few examples, where cocktails really benefit of this razzle-dazzle. Espumas and airs can...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Dominik MJ on 24 Jul 2012
  • Re: New trend of garnishes

    A couple of years ago, we had a garnish workshop here in Dubai - it was hosted by Marie Brizard and featured Joseph Trotta - a Frenchman, who is several decades in the trade. I was deeply impressed by his skills. Ok - he did also some fru-fru flowers - but the most impressive pieces were abstract. He...
  • Re: Food Coloring

    Hi Troy, I have to say, that I am the total opposite of you - hate food coloring - I am even horrified of Campari [changed a couple of years from natural "bug" color to synthetic color]. But when I had no choice but to use "blue" I found that blue food coloring [Cointreau with blue...
  • Re: Oh no, it's happening... carbonated versions replacing originals.

    Vermouth in an Old Fashioned? What is Old Fashioned about the cocktail, if you are using Vermouth? I am confused... But yeah - when there are trends, people are just using these techniques, without knowing, what they are doing! I really believe, that the Perlini system is genius [already ordered one...
  • Re: Strength of older Bacardi?

    I am not so sure, if Bacardi is really awful or if it is just a trend to hate Bacardi. Well I won't buy the Bacardi "Superior" for myself [nor would I buy Havana Club Añejo blanco - though I like Matusalem Platino or even better Elements 8 platinum]. I still have a bottle Facundo...
    Posted to The Golden Age (Forum) by Dominik MJ on 24 Jul 2012
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