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  • A few doubts about water, ice and storage temperature

    Yesterday I was talking with a friend about the role of water in cocktails and also in "on the rocks" spirits and I realised of some doubts I have about this. Robert, I'm running into apparent contradictions between things you say in different articles and episodes of The Cocktail Spirit...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Martinobal on 8 Nov 2014
  • Re: can a mixing glass be *too* cold?

    Yeah, since this is generally an issue of dilution, then at some point, one needs to find that balance of dilution vs how cool it is to make our tools as cold as possible. Ueda-san has a whole formula and spread-sheet of how different drinks are made at different (cold) temperatures and suggests that...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Liberty - Bar on 5 Jul 2010
  • Professional quality Lewis bags

    Howdy guys, After searching and searching for professional quality lewis bags, I decided to collaborate with a local Seattle fashion designer and produce our own: Check out my blog post on the subject: Or check out the Desinger's...
    Posted to Tools and Technology (Forum) by Mike McSorley on 1 Jan 2010
  • Re: shaking vs stirring a small backjard experiment

    Technically the difference in ABV will maek a difference. Because the thermal characteristics of water is different than alcohol. Alcohol freezes at a lower temp than water. Thus Alcohol can be made colder than water. Thus the more alcohol the colder the drink the less ice melts from the same amount...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Dawid Steenkamp on 16 Nov 2009
  • Re: Double Frozen Ice

    Here's the solution to the mystery of clear ice, but first a science lesson. When water goes from liquid to solid, it expands and becomes less dense. Everything else becomes more dense (aside from a few very rare synthetic chemicals). That means ice floats, which is no surprise to anyone here. This...
    Posted to Tools and Technology (Forum) by Darcy S. O'Neil on 21 Aug 2009
  • Re: Breaking Ice in your hands - Why?

    LOL, It is funny that we started discussing this in the fine straining thread and vice versa. Anyway, my grief with hand cracking the ice is not so much Hygene. Yes it would not be appropriate for you to stick your mutts in my ice well but as far as touching the ice goes, I believe you touch almost evey...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Dawid Steenkamp on 7 Apr 2009
  • Re: Fine Straining

    [quote user="Samuel Lloyd Kinsey"] If you crack the ice, the surface area is radically increased and gentle stirring can pruduce a cocktail that is notably colder at the same level of dilution.[/quote] [quote user="Samuel Lloyd Kinsey"]One way is to increase the surface area-to-thermal...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Dawid Steenkamp on 3 Apr 2009
  • Re: "Large Cube" Ice Trays

    I'm not sure the dimensions of the ikea one but here is a picture of one compared to a regular home tray. Lot's of cocktail bars seem to use the Ikea ones...but they are like hen's teeth.
    Posted to Tools and Technology (Forum) by Rob Timko on 11 Dec 2008
  • "Large Cube" Ice Trays

    Where can a guy like me (just a home cocktail enthusiast) get hold of the old-ikea sized ice cube trays or what other methods are you guys using to make large (as in single cube per old-fashioned glass) cubes? The old Ikea trays were nice, but can't be found (at least by me) Open to suggestions!
    Posted to Tools and Technology (Forum) by Rob Timko on 10 Dec 2008
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