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  • Re: Sharing last night's cocktail - The Sidecloud

    Looks fantastic. Great glass/es you have there too A nice twist that I'm sure worked well. I have to get myself an ISI whipper. Are there similar drinks you have made with yours? I had a similar idea of doing this with an Aviation for a Sapphire competition in that I made a cocktail with Gin, Lemon...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Adam George on 21 Jan 2012
  • Re: Amazon Cocktail.

    A bit late? I had to wait two an a half bloody years to get this answer. I thank you sir tou are a gentleman and I can now put this to rest. I can also honestly say that no one has ever ordered an AMAZON since the day that I posted this but the next time someone does i'll be able to tell my young...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Dawid Steenkamp on 5 Jun 2011
  • Re: Best variations on the Negroni?

    It's interesting you mention a 'Maltese Negroni' I've just come back from Malta and in my search for a decent drink came across one although different reciepe and was instead called the Maltese cocktail. 1pt Gin 1pt Campari 1pt Martini Rosso served long topped with 'Kinnie', Malta's...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Jack Sotti on 6 May 2011
  • Am I ruining these drinks?

    Hello, I like classic cocktails with gin. I've made a what I thought was a very tasty version of the Twentieth century cocktail and Corpse Reviver No 2. My problem is this when I read the description of the Twentieth Century cocktail in Vintage Spirits and Forgotten cocktails it told me the chocolate...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by A. Moore on 2 Oct 2010
  • Re: Cocktail of the Week Part 2 - French 75

    folks.. here is a post from Merlin Griffiths who is the Bombay Sapphire ambassador (but dont hold that against him :) ) Thoughts? "Did some research for Russian colleagues early last year on the origins of the F75 and put some of the recipes in a timeline which still leaves me a single burning question...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by angus on 7 Aug 2009
  • The Obituary Cocktail: Do You Know Its History?

    I know that Jean Lafitte's Old Blacksmith Shop claims the Obit was invented there, and perhaps it was, but does anyone know when and by whom? Does anyone know an alternate story? Earliest reference? Of course, I don't have an extensive cocktail library yet, but I'm finding precious little...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Gwydion Stone on 25 Apr 2009
  • Tansy...

    Dear All, So I have long been thinking about a drink from Jeremiah Thomas called Gin and Tansy. Fill a quart decanter 1/3rd full of tansy and pour in the gin to fill up the balance, 1/3rd tansy to 2/3rd gin. His recipe for a gin and pine is pretty similar and as Tony Conigliaro have showed with his Douglas...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by angus on 24 Dec 2008
  • Re: Amazon Cocktail.

    I recall seeing a recipe called a Gin and Ginger on the back of a store brand ginger ale in MLPS, it called for a 1:4 gin to ginger ale, garnish with lime. Seems similar-ish? My friend Buzz got a Gin and Ginger (sans citrus?) at Milk and Honey.
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Ash Ponders on 21 Dec 2008
  • Re: Amazon Cocktail.

    I found something similar - but it include lime From and posted on September 17th, 2008 "Anyone who thought gin was an old man's drink hasn't pulled a stool up to the bar at Forge, the trendy new American restaurant in Tribeca. There, a mix of Bulldog gin, cucumber and...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Calamityville on 7 Dec 2008
  • Amazon Cocktail.

    As happens so often (ok not that often, but bartenders would know what I am talking about), I was asked last night to prepare a drink I've never heard of. Usually this is not a problem, I stick my pride in my pocket and ask what is in the particular drink, more often than not, it is a house cocktail...
    Posted to Cocktails and Mixology (Forum) by Dawid Steenkamp on 7 Dec 2008
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