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  • Craft Cocktails in San Diego

    So first thing I did when I joined was to see who else is here representing San Diego - not many of us. Found the old thread about San Diego bars to visit, and it hasn't been updated since 2011, so here's a reason to visit this fine city (other than beer, and sunshine, and great Mexican food...
    Posted to Bars and Bartenders (Forum) by Rachel Eva on 4 Nov 2013
  • Re: Review: The Tar Pit

    I meant to come in here and post a review yesterday, but my cold didn't agree with my staying out so late on Tuesday night and I spent the day in bed. I had a great time at the Tar Pit the other night. I even got to bother Robert when I saw him in the hallway (sorry for imposing myself like that...
    Posted to Bars and Bartenders (Forum) by Matt Robold on 31 Dec 2009
  • London Bars

    There were a couple of threads about London bars several months back, so I hope this is not too redundant, but I'm for an update since I will be visiting London with my family over the holidays. My brother, who recently turned 21, has taken a passionate interest in cocktails (my good influence),...
    Posted to Bars and Bartenders (Forum) by Rebecca on 10 Dec 2009
  • Re: Review: Zig Zag Cafe

    [quote user="Martin Doudoroff"]Thank you for not implementing "stars" or a numerical rating system[/quote] Martin I know you are not keen on it but I don'y think a numerical system is that bad. Perhaps though we can ad a Recommended tag on it so that if Said bar is Fantastic it...
    Posted to Bars and Bartenders (Forum) by Dawid Steenkamp on 28 Nov 2009
  • Oahu, Hawaii

    Heading there next week. Any bars that are a "must visit?" Any bar stuff that I can get there that I can't get here in WA state? Thanks for the help.
    Posted to Bars and Bartenders (Forum) by Brian on 12 Oct 2009
  • Portland, OR bars

    Going to be visiting Portland, OR in a couple weekends for the first time. We're staying at the Hotel deLuxe and I was hoping to get some reccommendations on a couple decent bars to check out. Brewery suggestions are also welcome.
    Posted to Bars and Bartenders (Forum) by Brian on 9 Jun 2009
  • Re: The Rendezvous, Buffalo New York

    Ahh. The Rendezvous... That was a cocktail lounge that was near and dear to my heart. Of course, the fact that my wife and I had drinks there after our very first dinner date, may have had something to do with it. While we were never regulars there, I DO remember a sign over the bar that said somethink...
    Posted to Bars and Bartenders (Forum) by JerryC123 on 16 Apr 2009
  • Re: New Teardrop Lounge Cocktail Menu

    [quote user="Jamie Boudreau"] How many days a week are devoted to prep? (I'd usually ask "hours a day", but in this case.....) [/quote] Daniel told me that he spends up to three hours a day making all of those 40+ home-made liqueurs, bitters and mixers: meyer lemon & sake...
    Posted to Bars and Bartenders (Forum) by Liberty - Bar on 25 Feb 2009
  • Milan, Italy

    Hi! Some friends of mine are going to Milan next weekend and they have asked me where they can enjoy a well made cocktail. As I have never been to this city I couldn't answer them so I brought the question to this forum. Thank you in advance, best Elvira
    Posted to Bars and Bartenders (Forum) by Elvira on 16 Feb 2009
  • Re: Bars in Boston, USA

    Tomek There are quite a few good solid choices in Boston for your friend to consider. Newest and perhaps the most unique, is Drink . Robert Hess posted a thread to an article about it here. I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's a very unique experience from a purely cocktailian perspective. I...
    Posted to Bars and Bartenders (Forum) by Joe Niedbala on 23 Jan 2009
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