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Captcha added to sign-up form

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Robert Hess Posted: 18 Dec 2009 12:45 PM

Frankly, I've found it rather humorous to see all of the weird names being used to create "bot" users here :->. Since I'm pretty sure that the actual "account authentication" step prevents any off those accounts from actually getting on to post anything, asside from the parade of names on the home page, there really isn't any danger to them disrupting things here.

However a few of you have commented about how annoying this is, so I've added a "captcha" field to the signup page (captcha by the way, is the name for the little weird text/number image that you are asked to re-type in to prove you aren't a robot).

So let's see if this works...

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Hi Robert,

I appreicate the need to defend against bots and spammers. I'm hoping that the captcha method you've chosen has an accessible alternative, for folks who have difficulty reading and retyping he garbled text. This is a problem for lots of folks, but spcifically for those of us with vision impairments.




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Good point! There isn't any "accessible alternative" (ie. vocalization of code) available from the plug-in I'm using to generate this unfortunately. The text images being used however do look relatively readable, far more so then many of the other types you often see. Please take a look at it (before you "Sign In", just click the "Join" link at the top of the page) and let me know what you think.

I'll see if I can figure out an easy way to add a work-around for situations where the captcha isn't working properly.

And if anybody else could check out the page with various browsers and operating systems that would help as well. I've only got Win7 with IE8 and FireFox to test on. It works find there, but there could be compatibility issues with other setups.

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And I've added a note to the page now to let folks know how to contact me if they are having a problem.

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Looks fine on contemporary Mac browsers. It's a relatively easy-to-read captcha graphic. Many sites have a reload button so that users can get an alternative graphic if the one they got is problematic. reCAPTCHA is a good example of this. An alternative approach I've seen is to require the user to do some simple arithmetic, although I don't know if that has the same effectiveness.


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Mister Robert,

I'm using Windows XP version 2002 sp3, on Firefox browser version 3.6.3. so far no problem.

Thanks again for the hard work, was feeling so cold the feel like "homeless" ...

Best regards,


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