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Robert Hess Posted: 26 Nov 2008 9:08 AM

Just as an example of the flexibility that I can get now that I "own" the code behind this forum, I've started work on a page which will allow people to find the "Chanticleer Ambassadors" around the world. The idea is that there would be a map people could look at to find an area of the world they are interested in, and be able to get in touch with that ambassador to ask questions about the bars or bar trends that they see.

First step of course is to get a map page:

This is a standard zooming scrolling map, and if you click on a point on the map you'll see displayed in the upper right corner of the map either a text description of the address/location you clicked on, or if none exists, the Lat/Long of that point.

Next step is to get location data of this type associated with each member, and then show pushpins anywhere an "Ambassador" is located.


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