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Wow. The first post.

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Liberty - Bar Posted: 26 Nov 2008 12:48 AM

  So, you're flying around the world and you end up in Seattle...  Not so bad.  Sure, it's kinda rainy for the next few months, but sill.  It's a good town - one of the best - and......we have lots of great bars.

  Yes - here in Seattle we have Zig Zag, easily one of the best bars in America (I've not spent any time in the UK/EU, so I can only speak about the US of A).  And of course the young up-and-comer, Vessel. along with a number of other great bars.

  One of those great bars that I'd like to make sure that I mention is Liberty.  Liberty is a scratch, classic cocktail bar located at the top of Capitol Hill, where you can find 45+ American whiskies, lots of great gin and a cocktail list that puts an honorable use to those bottles. 

  Please make sure that you mention that you're a member of the Society when you come in - we'll take care of you.




 517 15th Ave. E. // 206.323.9898

Liberty Bar  ::  Seattle, WA  ::  Alcohology

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Andrew, you didn't mention the Sushi! :->

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