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How long can I keep unopened Vermouth?

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BoCRon Posted: 9 Jan 2015 4:44 PM

I found a local liquor store that is willing to order Carpano Antico Vermouth in the 375ml bottles. The only issue is the guy said they may require that I commit to buying at least 6 bottles. I don't mind doing that assuming I can store the bottle unopened for a while and still get a consistent product. I'm thinking it will take me a year or so to use up 6 bottles (I know of at least one person who will be getting a bottle as a gift).

My plan is to put the vermouth down in the basement in my wine storage closet, not temp controlled with anything formal but does stay a consistent temp around 65 degrees or so. 






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This is often talked about among (especially) Martini lovers.

I think they are good for a month, but it depends on many things and could vary a fair bit.  But I think a month is reasonable.

I think you would have to have one very good taster to tell the difference between an open bottle that was opened 3 weeks ago and one that was opened 3 days ago, as long as it was the same temperature.

I think 375 Ml is the perfect size


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I'm talking about unopened bottles though. My opened bottles are used or discarded within about 3 weeks usually.

My last bottle of Carpano Antica was the 1 liter of course. I ended up pouring half into an empty bottle and giving to a friend figuring we'd get at least a little more use out of the bottle.





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