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"Homemade Gin" [sic]

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Robert Hess Posted: 4 Jun 2014 7:26 PM

I have now seen a couple of folks, who should know better, offering up a homemade gin kit.

"We love a good homemade cocktail, and this gin kit gives home mixology new meaning. The Homemade Gin Kit creates a one-of-a-kind gin, elevating the classic juniper-infused spirit with bright citrus and floral herbs and spices. In 36 hours, transform vodka into your very own small-batch gin.

The process is easy, simply pick up a bottle of ordinary vodka, add the hand-selected blend of juniper berries, spices, and botanicals -- and in just 36 hours you will have two bottles of fantastic gin (one for you and one for us, right?)"

Hard to say if the product is any good or not, but gin? Not in my book. You can't make gin without distillation.


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Technically I would say yes, you could use this to make an infused gin.  In reality it is nothing more than bathtub gin, and you could probably do the same just putting the stuff in a mason jar and letting it infuse. But be it distilled or infused, I would still call it gin.   I can see the appeal of trying something like this just for the novelty factor, but with the explosion of really good gins out there right now I'd say it would be dissapointing in the end.  hmm...  but the experiment factor is appealing. 

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I agree. It's fun for the novelty factor, and it starts a conversation, but ultimately it's a joke. But the thing about jokes is they're fun. 

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