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homemade syrups

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Ralph posted on 28 Feb 2014 8:25 PM

Hello all,

    Last summer I started making things like my own tonic syrup and grenadine.  The big issue I have is that with my travel a lot of them simply go bad before I can use them.  So, I thought why not make the water base, leave out the sugar, then freeze the base, thaw and make the syrup when it's time to use it?  I was thinking about just putting the base in an ice tray, and making "syrup" cubes.  Thaw when needed, add sugar and viola.  would seem to be more stable overall than adding the sugar right away then freezing it.  Or am i making it harder than it needs to be??? 


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Actually, when you start freezing it you don't need to omit the sugar. The tray is a great idea. I made, some time ago, tonic syrup icecubes and added them to gin and soda to slowly turn it into a gin and tonic. Very funny party trick.

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