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Polynesian Pearl Diver

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elenaran Posted: 27 Dec 2012 7:35 PM

Just saw Django Unchained and Leo's character orders a Polynesian Pearl Diver, which is an homage to 1953's Blue Gardenia, in which the lead character gets drunk on them. 


I've seen several references to them around the web, but no reliable source for a recipe. I did see that a recipe was printed in a 2010 issue of Imbibe magazine, but I do not have that issue.


Does anybody have a recipe for one, preferably historically accurate?


All I really know is that it has rum in it.

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The Pearl Diver is a Don the Beachcomber drink. Recipe can be found in Beachbum Berry's Grog Log or in his iPhone app
check out his blog here

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BTW, here's the recipe


1/2 fresh lime juice

1/2 fresh OJ

1/2 Don's Gardenia Mix

1/2 Lemon Hart Demerara rum

1 1/2 gold Puerto Rican rum (Don Q)

dash Angostura

4 oz crushed ice

blend for 20 sec

strain into tall glass.

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I guess the "Polynesian" was added later?

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On a semi-related note - there is a cocktail still served at the Bali Hai in San Diego called the Blue Mystique. Older menus show that this cocktail used to be called the Blue Gardenia. Unknown if it was named after the movie or the hit theme song by Nat King Cole. Either way, it seems a bit odd to me to name a cockail after a movie that's about a woman who's taken advantage of after drinking too many cocktails. But maybe the risque reference was the appeal.

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I posted about the Polynesian Pearl Diver Cocktail a few times on my blog and recently made one.  See below.  The only ingredient that I might consider eliminating is the butter.  Not sure it added anything to the cocktail.  Here are my previous posts about the cocktail.  The last one has the recipe that I used (open for modification and improvement).  It was really good though.

Happy cocktail making!!






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