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Has anyone tried the rye whiskeys from High West Distillery in Utah, USA ?

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JerryC123 Posted: 13 Jan 2010 9:55 AM

I saw three different types of rye whiskey from High West at a local store, and it had prompted me to do some internet research on the brand.

The three rye whiskeys available are...


  • Rendevouz Rye                                (92 proof, a blend of 6 and 16 year old ryes)
  • Rocky Mountain 16 Year Old         (92 proof, 80% rye mashbill, new oak, only 173 barrels)
  • Rocky Mountain 21 Year Old         (92 proof, aged in used oak, only 75 barrels)


After a bit of poking around, I have learned that three years ago, owner/distiller David Perkins built "the world’s only ski-in distillery and gastro-saloon" at the bottom of a ski resort, and is now offering an oat-based vodka, and a peach-flavored vodka.

A corn whiskey is in the pipeline for later release.

So how does High West have three aged rye whiskeys?  David Perkins doesn't say in any of the promotional materials available on his site, but an article on, and a pdf factsheet, alludes to a found cache of barrels of rye whiskey from "back east".

Production is very limited, and I have not seen them in a bar or restaurant to sample.

Has anyone tried any of these?  As far as rye is concerned, they are a bit pricey ($50, $90, $130.)  It is possible that these ryes are real gems, of limited supply, and I should act now before they are gone! Surprise

Or it could just be over-priced serviceable rye packaged in a fancy bottle. Sad

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We picked up the rendezvous rye at my bar. Fantastic. The distiller bought different whiskeys from four roses and blended them.

rendezvous won a double gold last year and i would highly recommend it.

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I work very closely with High West Distillery and their spirts are great. As for their production, they are not limited, they are just in Utah and it is hard to get product out into other states, Being the first distillery in Utah since the 1800's, no one is really taking Utah spirits seriously. But they should. As for their 3 rye whiskeys, the have their oat based vodka, peach vodka made from local peaches, a bourbon-rye mix called BouRye, and soon to be released: 2 kinds of white dog. High West finally opened their  ski in distillery saloon in Park City as of December 1. If you have a chance to get your hands on a bottle, please do. You will be pleasantly surprised what this distillery can do from Utah.

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Some delightful soul whose name fails me dropped me off a sample back when my shop was open a few moons ago.  I found the whiskey quite nicely balanced even though a bit of barrel aging was on it.  The packaging was very appealing.  I wish more of these young distilleries getting up and running would be more honest about their buying whiskey from other sources while they get their own stock into barrel.  No shame to it.  The marketing b-s makes me laugh sometimes with some labels.  I think the whiskey fanatic and the average consumer can appreciate some good ole fashion "tell it like it is." 

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Thanks, everyone, for responding.  I am going to pick up a bottle of Rendezvous Rye, and give it a try.

I also read that High West is the world's only distillery to make vodka from oats.  On their site they claim that oats, while harder to distill with,  provide a "subtle nutty and vanilla flavor."   They also claim the high mineralization of their local water adds flavor and mouthfeel to their vodka.  Hmmmm....

Anyone have any thoughts on that?   I am not a huge vodka fan, but I do appreciate a vodka with a bit of flavor,  (Sobieski is my favorite right now) versus the super-premium-12-times-distilled-diamond-filtered-no-flavor-vodka that is out there.

I am intrigued by these new distilleries that are popping up.  Here, in the state of New York, we have a new company Finger Lakes Distilling, that is using a lot of grapes as a base for their vodka, gin, liqueurs, etc.  They also are doing a rye whiskey, that they supposedly age in new charred oak and finish in sherry barrels from local wineries.  I would like to give that a try.  They also are doing a corn whiskey.    I haven't been able to locate them in stores yet, so a phone call may be neccessary.  I have been holding off from calling, because I dislike their product's names and terrible graphic design, and am afraid that I will say something rude when I call!


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I realize this is an older post but I have to say I LOVE the whiskeys from High west.  Their double rye is HEAVENLY in a manhattan!   Plus the high west bar in the salt lake airport is THE best bar to get a whiskey smash or manhattan in any US airport.

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