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Question about the shelf life of spirits in unopened bottles

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Nandakumar posted on 25 Nov 2009 5:20 PM


I have couple of 750ml bottles of Grey Goose VodkaCazadores Tequila and a bottle of Grand Marnier Liqueur, which I bought in 2007, they were never opened and are stored in my bedroom closet. I'm planning use them for a party at my house for some of my out of state friends visiting me for this Christmas. Just wanted to know the shelf life of these spirits and how good/bad they are now.

Appreciate your answers.


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Open them up and test them. It’s the only and simple route to peace of mind.

If they haven’t been exposed to heat or lots of light, they should be just fine. Keep in mind that liquor stores, distributors and importers are just as capable of wrecking spirits (and wine and beer) as you are.

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Just wanted to know the shelf life of these spirits and how good/bad they are now.


I highly doubt that anything would be wrong with it.

It will be as good as it was when you bought it in 2007.

I write even more of this drivel on

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Hi Martin & David, Thanks for the responses. evening I checked with a BevMo store here, they also said that as long it is not exposed to sunlight and heat and never opened, it should be good. Hope my friends are impressed by my vintage collectionSmile


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