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Problems with the Chanticleer Site

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Robert Hess Posted: 26 Jul 2017 1:05 PM

I know things have been a little haphazard here for a while, there have been a variety of issues that have been getting in the way of proper operations. However, with fingers crossed, I've been able to resolve them.

Here are some of the technical details in case you are interested...

There have always been problems with the site going "off line" due to various server and database issues. Lately I've only been able to keep the site running for a couple of days before the dreaded "Transaction Log Is Full" error cropped up. Digging through the database, I discovered a table that was essentially being the event-log for the site, and it had been recording all system events that have occurred since day 1. The system I am using here didn't provide any way to work with this event log, or clear it out, so I had to do that manually. Hopefully this will put an end to the "Transaction Log Full" errors you might have been seeing.

The email system had "stopped" working some time ago, since the hosting service said they hadn't changed anything in the email setup, I assumed it was something wrong with the internal workings of the app I'm running the site with, I dug into this for a while and couldn't find anything. Then when I dug into it again just recently, I was able to detect that indeed the hosting company HAD mad several changes in how email was being processed. I updated things appropriately, and it "appears" as though email alerts on messages is now working again. However, they have "limits" now in place that if we exceed those limits it will either simply drop those outgoing emails, or it could flag the site as a "spam" site and stop all outgoing emails... I'll try to watch this to see if we run into those limits through normal use.

If everything truly is back to normal, then we'll be back in business.

However, if various problems persist, I'll probably end up taking some drastic actions. I've looked into updating the software I'm using to the latest version... but the company (Talligent, which was founded by a friend of mine, who has recently left) switched to a "new" application, and to upgrade the system here, and migrate all of the users and posts to the new application, sounds like a rather daunting process. I may decide it is too daunting, and decide to do a full reboot instead. This would mean basically restarting from scratch. I am currently in the process of trying to write some software which will crawl the entire forum and document repository and save our discussions as a document (or set of documents) so at least all past discussions will be saved. If/When I reboot I will send an announcement out to all semi-active users to let them know they will need to re-enlist in the new system.


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thanks for the update!!!

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And the problems continue...

The hosting company I've been using has apparently been bought out, sold, transitioned, whatever.

The good news, is that they are migrating all [sic] existing sites to other hosting companies.

The bad news, is that I got a notification that this site, for reasons they didn't explain, can't be migrated. So it is just going to fall on the floor the end of this month.

I am currently busy making backups, as well as trying to write an app that will "capture" all of the messages as individual html files so we will at least have historical access to them.

I've created a group on FaceBook that I am "testing out" as a messaging forum for us to use, and am examining what sorts of resources that FaceBook doesn't (easily) provide that we may want to try to re-surface on a "new" version of

I definitely want to prop up a new version of the site somewhere.

If you haven't already joined the facebook group... here is a link:



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