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Metric Measurments?

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Ralph Posted: 21 Feb 2017 2:41 PM

Lately at home I have been transitioning to using metric units for my drinks.  After a bit of a struggle at first it seems to make things a lot easier.  Especially since I have been trying to make all my drinks conform to 2 oz (60ml)  of alcohol total per drink.  Allows me to experiment a bit more without getting hammered after the 3rd drink.  And when dealing with straight numbers it makes getting the ratios down (like in a vesper) easier.  Just a topic for discussion I guess..

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The whole metric thing is actually something I struggle with a bit. While I will heartily agree that metric measurements in general make a lot of sense, from a cocktail perspective they seem to make things a little more difficult, especially when trying to convert back and forth, or when trying to show a single recipe using both measurements.

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yes, it is a struggle!!  but I find it a bit interesting as well, sort of my "breathalyzer test".  When I find I cannot do the conversions in my head any more I know I've had enough to drink!!!!!!

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