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Tool Rollup

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Greg Gioia Posted: 4 Jan 2017 1:59 AM

I'd like to know what other Society members are using to transport bar tools to and from jobs. I don't bring much of my own gear to the bar I work at, but I do a fair number of mobile one-time gigs, and often have to create a bar from scratch in a venue where no bar exists. In those cases I bring my full set of tools.

I've seen a number of leather and canvas rollups, all of which seem to cost $150 or more. I trust that they're worth it, but perhaps there's something a bit less costly but still durable enough for regular usage.

Currently I either cart stuff around tossed into plastic a tub, or in a rubber messenger bag, but things get jumbled up and bang into each other. Also, on more than one occasion I've left something behind, which would be less likely to happen in a rollup where every tool has a place and I can see that something's missing.

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Low-quantity, niche market. Handmade. You could make your own?

Also, Cocktail Kingdom has one for around US$70:



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I've got a few different things I use depending on how much I need to bring and for what purpose. I've got a small doctors bag that I use for simple things. I've got a larger "traveling salesman" style case that I bought on eBay that I can fit a set of 8 cocktail glasses in the bottom of. I also have a few "branded" bar carries that I periodically use. If I'm doing something bigger, I just bring my gear in boxes.

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As someone who travels all over the US with tool boxes in tow, here is the biggest thing I can recommend.  A checklist.  You really don't need anything fancy to carry stuff in, any old thing will do.  Banging together?  Wrap it up in a towel.  But the checklist, there is your most important tool.  If you want to treat yourself, then by all means do so!  Also if you are wanting that WOW factor something like a fancy roll up bag is pretty cool.  But for me, the checklist before my tools go to fed ex is my most effective means of getting what I need every time where I need it. 

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