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Robert Hess Posted: 1 Oct 2014 6:29 PM

This is just an FYI for folks...

My hosting company for this site (IX Web Hosting) just cold-called me to find out if there were any issues or problems I have with their services. I made sure to remind them of the semi-ongoing problem we have with the site forgetting who you are in the middle of a post. Which they made a point of taking a note about and trying to see if there was anything they could figure out on their end (I need to re-send them details about the problem the next time it happens).

However they also asked me a bit about the site and what size of IT and/or marketing team I have working on it. When I told them it was just a "Hobbiest" site, and that I was the only "staff", they were quite surprised, indicating that it is getting a lot of traffic.

Apparently, our little site is generating over 9gb of monthly traffic. Which could simply be search-bots spidering through the site, or lurkers browsing it's information. But it still sounds like pretty good throughput!


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