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Brandless Packaging

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jmrtnko Posted: 17 Aug 2014 9:12 PM

Stumbled across this article today. Indonesia is considering forcing liquor producers to use generic packaging (like Australia with cigarettes) to reduce the attraction of alcohol. I don't really expect them to go through with it, but a lot of countries are looking to Austraila with the generic cigarettes.


Indonesia ponders new law for liquor packaging

Whether it's reasonable or not, or anywhere near to a solution for Indonesia's "problem" is a huge, long hot-button topic, but on a different tack, I was wondering...

If the liquor packaging in your own country was suddenly forced to become generic, would that affect your enjoyment of it?

I'm not really a collector or a displayer, so probably not all that much for me, though I certainly do appreciate it and very occasionally, even design it. I would be a bit concerned that the market would take a hit and a lot of things would drop off the shelves as so many products are distinguished more by marketing than anything else right now. Smaller brands would probably disappear, not being able to compete in volume with the big producers. Prices would go down (glass and label can often be more costly than the liquor), but then taxes would probably go up, again driving out the low volume producers. So, while I might not personally mind as much, the hobby would most likely become much less interesting. Using liquor as gifting would certainly disappear.

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It's almost like the whole Temperance movement all over again, just taking a slightly different tact at enactment. As long as nothing prevents a quality product from being made, or identified by the consumer, then it shouldn't really matter if the packaging was "generic" or not. But I suspect the devil is in the details. What exactly do they mean by "Generic" packaging. Would they take it as far as having a state approved label, that all you could do is indicate who the producer was? That would be pretty severe.

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