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Bonjour, from Paris and Tokyo

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Florian Tatsuhito Posted: 18 Mar 2012 5:59 PM


Bonjour ladies and gentle-men,

My name is Flo, I am new here.
I come from France and Japan and I started to bartend in Tokyo, as a side job, in an amazing speakeasy bar, a mixologic shelter for artists. My passion for cocktails began there, as there was no menu and the point of the bar was to analyse people and mix a custom drink for them. Huge challenge for a beginner but that's how I really got interested in the alchemy of the drinks and the relation it can have with the drinker.

I originally come from the music industry (mainly orchestral, composition etc...). My business got really quiet lately and I needed to focus my creative energy somewhere.
So, since I left Tokyo for Paris, I really got into mixology, training and exploring every night new recipes, techniques etc... for now a year.

My passion has no limits and I started to handle a blog few months ago.
Unfortunately, I have no conexions in my country (France, Japan) to share and discuss with.

I would like to have some of your opinions about my creations.
If you have time, please check my blog and feel free to send me comments, critics or ideas ! 

Merci et Santé !
and sorry about my crap english, i'm working on it :} 


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