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Cocktail creations blog, need your opinions :}

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Florian Tatsuhito Posted: 18 Mar 2012 5:43 PM

Greetings ladies and gentle-men,


My name is Flo, I am new here and new in the mixology world and I already introduced myself here :
I started a year ago to make drinks at home, and I am focusing my energy on it now (I come from the orchestral music industry)
I'm running a cocktail creations blog since few monthes.
I would like to have some afficionados'/pros' opinions about my creations.
If you have time, please check my blog and feel free to send me comments, critics or ideas 

Look forward to hear back from you guys
Thank you
Santé !

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i will read this properly later but will say for now that the photos are amazing!

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Hello and welcome!

I glanced yesterday but our unusual stormy weather for this time of year had me shut everything down lest I tempt the lightning bolts and surge protectors. I'm looking forward to visiting it today.


[Stranded on an island essential cocktails: Sidecar, 3:1 Dry Martini with 2 olives, my own Neo Old Fashioned.]

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The photography is exceptional.  |  Cocktail recipe database for professionals and enthusiasts |  Craft + Collect + Concoct + Categorize + Community

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Pictures are absolutely marvelous!

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Fantastic looking sight and very creative thoughts & ingredients. Hard to know what they will taste like for me to source such ingredients is very hard... but if I saw such use on a cocktail list I'd dive straight in! Bravo!

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thank you very much.

Indeed, the aestheticism (as the preparation) is for me something as important as the taste.
If one try the recipe, please, let me know what do you think about it, what would add, adjust, remove and why.

Hope you will enjoy it 

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I agree with all the guys above. The pics are damn perfect. Look like taken by a professional.




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wow! this blog is incredible. the drinks look a little complex for little old me, but maybe someday... :)


keep it up, it's seriously fantastic. 

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