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Review: Experimental Cocktail Club

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Norm Posted: 5 Oct 2011 9:55 PM
37 rue saint sauveur
Paris, Fr? 75002
MODERN - $$$$ - EAT -
A worthwhile stop, though not mind-blowing. The decor was definetly a modern (2011, not mid-century) look - a very dark, stark environment. I prefer venues where a conversation can be easily had, and the music was far too loud for that - especially when the place was mostly empty. We were there quite early (I attribute that to jet lag) so I can't comment on the typical clientele.

The drinks were quite good overall, though too sweet for my liking.

Our first round consisted of a Sergeant Julep Pepper and a Tete De Mule. The Sergeant Julep Pepper was the best drink of the night - a Rum based take on a Mint Julep, with a 19 year old rum mixed with the El Dorado Spiced, pepper syrup, and mint - slightly sweet, but delicious. The Tete de Mule was (surprise) a Moscow Mule variant with tequilla and some sort of flowery syrup added. Good, but far too sweet for my liking.

Our Second round was a Porto Los Cabos and a Vespring. The Porto... consisted of tequilla, port, lime, and simple syrup. Once again a little too sweet for me to be considered a good drink, but the ingredients used were consistently above par, so I could appreciate it, if not love it. The Vespring is presumably a variant on Bond's early drink of choice, with gin, lillet infused with lavender, lime and maraschino.

Not bad, but I'd rather havGrappa or a Cognac in a hole in the wall cafe.

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