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MYERS'S RUMS White , Gold , Dark

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Kevin Posted: 8 Jul 2010 2:24 PM

Hey All,

Has any one else  tried or used the other 2 Myers's rums.  The Platinum White and  the Preimium Gold.

I love both of these rums for cocktail mixing.  The White really has great flavor for a white rum very rich and  full bodied.  compaired to most white rums that taste like nothing at all

The Gold also has a nice full chariclter typical of a good Jamacian rum. 

Both of these work fantasticly in cocktails.  The price is also good. 

I'm wondering why there is almost no press or advertising at all about these rums.  All you almost ever see is Myers's Dark rum which is great,  but you almost never see the the others and they are totaly worth it.

just a thought






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