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Due to the increased number of SPAM users and messages, I am switching all new membership requests to "Administrator Approval" instead of automatic.

UNFORTUNATELY: The outgoing email setup for this site is busted, and so I'm not getting notifications that your account needs to be "approved". So you will need to EMAIL ME (info@) to let me know you need to be approved. This will also form a second level of "spammer" protection.


With an ever growing representation of bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts from around the world, a common topic of discussion is “I’m traveling to [location], does anybody know of any great bars there?” To help give people a better way to find recommended bars in areas of the world where they might be traveling to, we recently added the “Guide to Recommended Bars and Cocktail Lounges” to this site. If YOU have some great bars in your area that you think traveling cocktailians would love to visit, please consider filling out a short form with some of the details. Each submitted venue will be displayed in our overall summary list, get marked on our map, have an individual review page where specific details can be found, and have a message thread created for it so other members can comment and exchange notes.

Note: This feature should be considered to be still in "beta test" mode, so you may encounter some problems. If you do, please let us know.

Guide to Recommended Bars and Cocktail Lounges:
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