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Details: Priory Tavern


DIVEY: So downright casual, you might feel uncomfortable.
CASUAL: Anything goes, just relax and have a good time.
MODERN: Clean and snappy.
CLASSY: A little on the up-scale side. May have a dress code.
FORMAL: You'd better be on your best behavior. Almost certainly has a dress code, or should.
$$$$: Cheap - Prices are cheaper than found at most other good bars in the area.
$$$$: Average - Prices are about the same as found at most other good bars.
$$$$: Pricey - They are charging more here than at most other good bars.
$$$$: Expensive - Hopefully, somebody else is paying. If they aren't, maybe you should have just one, just so you can say you did.
EAT: None - Hope you aren't hungry, even in the slightest.
EAT: Snacks - Very simple bar snacks. Peanuts, pretzles, that sort of thing.
EAT: Light - Small appetizers, small plates, great if you're not terribly hungry.
EAT: Full - A full meals worth of things to order.
: None - First come, first served.
: Available - Not needed, but you could if you wanted to.
: Required - You need to call for reservations.
: Private - Members Only, or otherwise not available for general attendance.
Priory Tavern
250 Belsize Road
London, none NW6 4BT
United Kingdom

CASUAL - $$$$$ - EAT -
+44 (0)20 3204 0070

Just off Kilburn High Road, near the famous Abbey Road; Priory Tavern offers cocktails and ales alongside a full kitchen.

An ex-sports pub it is now a freshly refurbished Victorian tavern with natural wood floors and bar. There is a full kitchen menu available. Open until 11pm Mon-Wed and 12am Thu-Sat, Sunday Roast served 1pm-9pm.

Head over for one of our signature Kilner Jar cocktails, or a classic Martini with a choice of over 20 gins.

We'd love to see you, cheers!
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Nestled just off Kilburn High Road and 5 minutes from the famous Abbey Road, Priory Tavern offers up cocktails and ales in a traditional Victorian wooden tavern setting.
Food is peppered with American touches like the Iceberg Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing and all our 1/2LB and whopping 1LB burgers are handmade and char-grilled in-house. But for those just drinking there are lighter bar snacks like Calamari, Whitebait and Drunken Hot Wings made with Appleton Estate rum.
Cocktails are served long in our signature 14oz Kilner Jars and there is an ever growing selection of spirits to choose from. As well as a large selection of gin (26 labels and growing) there is a decent rum collection and many specialist spirits not seen in most London pubs.
Other facilities include: Free Wifi, Trade-Only FREE Guest Room (please send a mail with as much notice as possible to book), daily papers, backgammon, other board games, darts, regular live music and friendly staff.
So feel free to drop by for a quiet lazy afternoon or an evening social, we'd love to see you!

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