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Details: Callooh Callay


DIVEY: So downright casual, you might feel uncomfortable.
CASUAL: Anything goes, just relax and have a good time.
MODERN: Clean and snappy.
CLASSY: A little on the up-scale side. May have a dress code.
FORMAL: You'd better be on your best behavior. Almost certainly has a dress code, or should.
$$$$: Cheap - Prices are cheaper than found at most other good bars in the area.
$$$$: Average - Prices are about the same as found at most other good bars.
$$$$: Pricey - They are charging more here than at most other good bars.
$$$$: Expensive - Hopefully, somebody else is paying. If they aren't, maybe you should have just one, just so you can say you did.
EAT: None - Hope you aren't hungry, even in the slightest.
EAT: Snacks - Very simple bar snacks. Peanuts, pretzles, that sort of thing.
EAT: Light - Small appetizers, small plates, great if you're not terribly hungry.
EAT: Full - A full meals worth of things to order.
: None - First come, first served.
: Available - Not needed, but you could if you wanted to.
: Required - You need to call for reservations.
: Private - Members Only, or otherwise not available for general attendance.
Callooh Callay
65 Rivington St
London, (Hoxton) EC2A 3AY

MODERN - $$$$ - EAT -
020 7739 4781

Conceived as an homage to the whimsical work of Lewis Carroll, this establishment in London's Hoxton district offers three bars, highly eclectic decor, and a terrific cocktail menu.
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Fun place, great drinks!  A reservation is highly recommended: ask for a spot in the upstairs Candy Store or the downstairs Lounge.  The main bar is larger, but rowdier, less intimate, and less distinctive.  We arrived early on a weeknight and sat in the Lounge, which we had almost to ourselves.  Service during our visit was wonderful.  Cocktails tried and recommended: Tea Drizzle, Respect Your Elders, Oh La La, Appealing to the Rye.

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